We love talking websites, schedule an appointment with one of our friendly web consultants for an in depth discussion about the online presence of your business. To get the most out of this appointment it is best that you have internet access. We will then give you access to our screen so we can show and tell rather than just tell. It will make alot more sense like this!
It’s a great time to ask any questions you may have about anything to do with websites, so make the most out of it! Appointments usually last around 30 minutes. Please complete the form below or send us a message from the contact us page.

Schedule a 1 on 1

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What to expect in the 1-on-1 appointment:

  • Gather information about your business and what sort of enquiries you want. We’ll have a look to see how your business is getting found on search engine
  • Explain SEO and what we do to improve your SEO score.
  • Importance of mobile and tablet friendly websites. Infact, we will show the exact number of people searching for your sort of business through Google per month and show you the breakdown of devices customers are using.
  • If you already have a website we will perform a FREE health report on it showing you how it ranks on search engines, how it looks on a mobile/tablet and we’ll even show you how your competition ranks
  • We will demonstrate our unique user friendly platform which allows you to make changes 24/7. We’ll also show you some examples of our work.
  • Answer any questions you may have.