The Importance of SEO

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April 16, 2021

The Importance of SEO


Understanding SEO

From our experience as a leading SEO agency, the importance of organic marketing is often overlooked, but in a world where Google receives over 5.6 billion searches every day, being visible online has never been more important.

What is SEO?

Before we dive into why SEO is important, it’s key to understand what is actually meant by SEO, and what those three letters stand for.

In simple terms, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising websites and online content to increase ranking potential in search engines.

The importance of SEO

Although there are other means of increasing digital presence, such as PPC and social media, the majority of online traffic originates from organic searches. This behaviour is evidenced in a recent study that found that 68% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Statistics like the one mentioned above illustrates the sheer amount of potential traffic that can be reached when a site is visible to its audience through organic search. The very nature of SEO also means that once your site begins to rank, you won’t have to pay for the traffic you’re receiving. This is unlike alternative channels where you tend to pay on a pay-per-click pricing model.

Reach and traffic

As of last year, just 0.78% of Google searchers clicked onto results from the second page -and this number is predicted to reduce even further over the next 5 years. This behaviour highlights once more how important it is to be present online and visible on page one of search results.

Ensuring your site is well optimised from an SEO perspective can ensure your business maximises its digital reach and attracts a larger, more engaged audience.

Conversion rate

Given that SEO relies on someone making a search, the conversion rate is often far higher than other marketing channels as the user has presented intent from the very start of the customer journey. In fact, research shows that leads from inbound marketing efforts such as SEO have a conversion rate of around 14%. This is far higher than leads created through outbound marketing which convert at around just 2%.

Purchasing behaviour

One of the lesser-known benefits of SEO is the impact is has on purchasing behaviour. If your website is present during a user’s research phase, you’re far more likely to be considered when that user is in a position to complete their final purchase.

Once a user has visited your site through organic search, they are also far more likely to return to your site via brand searches or direct views – meaning increased likelihood for repeat business and secondary sales.

The increased awareness that a successful SEO campaign can establish is one of the core benefits of this marketing channel and contributes to the importance of its implementation in a wider marketing strategy.

Organic opportunities

Another reason behind the importance of SEO is its ability to highlight new opportunities and attract wider audience groups.

When an SEO campaign is managed correctly, tracking and research will be at its core – this means data can be harnessed around organic search terms which provide insights into audience behaviour and the topics they’re looking for. If these insights are acted on in correct way, your audiences can expand. This ultimately results in increased traffic to your site and a heightened chance of converting users.

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