How To Create An Effective Landing Page

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June 25, 2021

How To Create An Effective Landing Page


A landing page is an integral part of any site providing users with vital information about your brand, services, and products. Landing pages need to grab attention and direct visitors further into your site. Whether this is a contact form, sub-category page, or e-commerce page, particular hallmarks make a good landing page stand out. We’re going to look at some of the hallmarks of an effective landing page.

Clean and Simple

Clarity should be at the front of your mind when creating a landing page. Users will land on your site and navigate to trustees looking for clear indicators of the information they are looking for. 

For example, if someone visits your site to see a particular service like ‘car valets’ you should have a landing page that introduces the service (by way of a header), uses images that reinforce this idea, and content that is optimised for users and web crawlers. These elements should be the central tenets of your page design further reinforced by elements like contact forms, case studies, subcategory pages, and galleries.

Make the Most of The Hero

Speaking of elements, the ‘hero’ section of your landing page is key to creating an instant connection with users. The hero refers to the top part of the page; the part of a web page that you see the second you open a page. In most sites, this is a feature image with a large heading superimposed over the top of it. 

Other elements that are incredibly useful in the hero section are contact details, logins, top-level navigation, and in-hero contact forms. The hero is the first thing a user sees so make sure your landing pages are consistent and professional and you’ll see a marked increase in traffic and conversions.

Build Trust with Trust Signals

An often overlooked element of a website is the ‘soft’ signals. When we view a page we subconsciously analyse it for any red flags or concerns. One of the best ways to show off your experience and skill is to add trust signals to your site. Accreditations are one way to build trust while also allowing for linking between yourself and trusted suppliers. You can also add case study galleries and testimonials to help convince users to convert.

It’s important to note that trust signals, while very useful, shouldn’t take up too much real estate on your landing page. Try to fit them in with carousel, footers, or well-placed brand logos and you’ll find your landing page comes across more professional and convincing. 

Responsive pages are a Must

Now there’s one thing we’ve covered before and it probably comes as no surprise but you should always consider responsive design. Users access websites from a wealth of different-sized devices from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and PCs. Responsive design allows you to make your landing pages fit screens precisely and show off vital information. For example, a header image on a laptop can pack in a large header with a top menu and a contact form. A mobile device has to be more economical with its space. So your landing page on a phone may be a header with a brief introduction with content and forms below and a hamburger-style menu for website navigation.  

Match Your Pages to Your Style

Finally, you’ll need to ensure your landing pages match your brand. This means analysing and potentially redesigning pages to fit a specific aesthetic from typeface to image styles and tone of voice. If you have several landing pages you should make them as uniform as possible for continuity and ease of use. By doing so, you reinforce your brand and make your landing pages more effective.

At GForce Web Design we are experienced at crafting websites that look as good as they convert. If you need a hand designing a new website or want to know more about how we can use SEO to improve your conversion rate and visibility then please contact us today and we’ll help you hit all the hallmarks of an effective landing page.

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