Digital Marketing – In House, Freelance or Agency?

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June 27, 2018

Choices For Digital Marketing: In-House or Freelancers Or Agency?


With the craze of the online world soaring high, it’s a risky proposition for your business to not be promoted on the online medium. There comes the role of digital marketing to strengthen your brand online.

You can spread the word of your business among the prospective customers using online platforms like Search Engines or the Social Media. In the modern times, people don’t have the time to sit in front of the tv and watch ads but they spend hours on the net, be it on social media channels of their choice or simply searching for their needs on the search engine platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. In order to reach this segment, you need digital marketing services.

Once your need is established, you need to consider your options of whom to entrust this responsibility on. The options range from in-house team, freelancers and digital marketing agencies. Let’s discuss the different aspects of these options.

Benefits of having an in-house team:

An in-house team means it knows all about your brand in depth and is aware of the exact requirements of your brand. The employees, internal business information, access to all the departments is all handy to this team/individual who’s working from the company itself.

Why is it not the best solution?

An in-house team doesn’t always have the updated knowledge and training to carry out the job. The team/individual won’t have the broad knowledge of all the aspects of digital marketing and thus they are not able to reach an intensive approach.

Are freelancers up for it?

A one-man army is definitely not suitable to fulfill all the requirements. He/she would have in-depth knowledge of one or two aspects but cannot cover all. Usually, they have multiple projects in their hand and on-time delivery is often not achieved by them. That creates an uncertainty about the desired results.

So, is a digital marketing agency the answer?

A digital marketing agency hires experts from all the fields of the domain and is capable to provide a wholesome digital solution for your brand. The fields of SEO, SMO, AdWords, Analytics are the fields and there are dedicated resources who take care of each segment. These agencies have:
• professional approach and you can expect a timely delivery of your project.
• They are capable of chalking the right path for promoting your brand
• Being highlly experienced, they can guarantee positive ROI for your investment

So, to answer it all, the digital marketing agencies are the best options to go for. In case you are looking to outsource your digital marketing requirement, then connect with GForce Web Design.

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